Statement Of Faith

1.    As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we are known as Christians, and as such we are members of the true Church.  This Church consists of people who have been born of the Spirit of God, and who seek to know God’s will and to walk in His ways.

2.    We hold to the great doctrines of the Church as revealed in the Bible.  A brief statement of the main teachings to which we adhere is given below.

3.    In common with many churches, this fellowship is responsible directly to the Lord Jesus Christ, and not to a national or denominational authority.

4.    The Elders in the church are accountable to God for the overseeing and guiding of the church, following the teachings of the Bible.  The Elders are recognised by the church as spiritual helpers and leaders in the things of God.

5.    Believers in Christ are baptised by immersion in water, to signify that they have been identified with their Lord in His death, burial and resurrection.  This is an act of allegiance and profession of faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

6.    On Sundays we observe the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.  In the symbols of bread and wine we remember Jesus Christ and worship Him whose body was broken and whose blood was shed for us.  We are glad to invite all who love our Lord Jesus in sincerity and truth and seek to live as Christians to worship with us at the Lord’s Table.

7.    On Sunday and during the week, meetings are arranged in which the truths of the Bible are taught and prayer is made.  These gatherings are for the spiritual help and health of all members.

8.    Fellowship: the church is a family that shares.  We are all one in Christ and share our joys and sorrows.  We join together in worship, instruction and Christian service, and we seek to help one another in any way we can.  Each member has some contribution to make to the church fellowship.

9.    It is our business to inform others about our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.  We do this wherever we live and work.  We also do this as a church by visiting homes and holding meetings for adults, young people and children.

10.    Visitors are welcome to all our services.

11.    We are interested in a variety of Christian work in this country and also in the work of missionaries overseas.  Gifts from the church are made to missions and missionaries from time to time.  As an independent evangelical church we enjoy fellowship with other evangelical churches and bodies in Norwich and throughout the country and take a share in other evangelical united efforts in our locality.

12.    As Christians we worship together and also read and study the Bible at home as well as taking time to pray.  We not only give ourselves to the Lord but also give our time and money as enabled, and seek to live as pleasing to God.

13.    Any who feel at one with us and desire to commit themselves to the fellowship of this church should ask to see an Elder who will be pleased to have a talk and answer questions.  Those who become members of the fellowship agree to follow the criteria for membership as determined by the Elders.

Statement Of Beliefs

1.    That the Bible is inspired by God and was written by men under His control.

2.    That Jesus Christ is God the Son and was born as a human being in a supernatural way.  Although tempted, He did not sin.

3.    The human race has become alienated from God because by nature and by practice all of us are sinners.

4.    God’s love for everyone is demonstrated by the death of His Son on the cross, where He bore the judgement of God upon sin.

5.    That Jesus was raised from the dead and is alive today in heaven, having been given all power and authority.

6.    That everyone needs to repent of their sins, and believe that Jesus Christ died for them, that they might know their sins forgiven.

7.    That the believer receives assurance within themselves from God the Holy Spirit that they have become a child of God.

8.    That the day of judgment is coming.

9.    That the Lord Jesus Christ will shortly come again to take from this world all those who by faith acknowledge Him as Saviour and Lord, thus ending this present age, and everyone’s opportunity to get right with God.

10.    That those who reject or ignore God’s offer of salvation will endure eternal separation from God.

11.    That those who accept are those who will enjoy eternal happiness in the presence of God.

12.    That God, having put all evil away, will reign supreme in glory over all His universe.

Statement Of Ethos

The ethos of Meadow Way Chapel is our motivation for all our work – it is the reason why we do what we do.  It is to work together to extend Jesus’ model of the Kingdom of God on earth by living out a lifestyle of love, truth, justice, mercy and forgiveness, according to his teaching.  We are inspired by his message, life and example through which God’s unconditional love for all people is expressed.

The ways we work together and behave with one another are a demonstration and authentication of our ethos.  It is through these relationships, with each other and those whom we seek to serve, that we practice our ethos.

Our ethos or motivation, and therefore our relationships, are rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ and in his love, which compels us to serve others, putting their needs first.  When we work together it is this faith that directs and influences both our internal relationships as well as our work with those whom Meadow Way Chapel is seeking to serve.

In this way Meadow Way Chapel operates on the understanding that our activities are simply an outworking of our faith; that our ‘doing’ derives directly from our ‘being’.  There is an essential and indissoluble link between the inner and the outer, the private life and the public face of Meadow Way Chapel.  The link between who we are and what we do cannot be broken.