What to expect if you’ve not been before


It can be difficult going somewhere new for the first time so here a few things to expect so you can relax and enjoy coming to Meadow Way Chapel at the Hellesdon Community Centre.

You’ll be welcomed at the door as you enter the Community Centre and given a notice sheet with details of the morning service and other forthcoming events.

The foyer area where you come in is a place to meet and get to know people over a tea or coffee before the service begins (the drinks are free and served from the kitchen at the far end). The service starts at 10.45am with drinks being served from 10.15am.

The service

This is aimed at the whole family from the youngest children to the eldest grandparents.

Singing plays a big part in the service with songs for children as well as adults, both modern and traditional. A live band provides the music with the words projected onto a large screen.

The format of each service varies but generally there is an introduction to the theme in the first part of the service which is aimed towards the children before they leave to go to their own classes. The last part of the service is geared towards the adults and mainly consists of a talk given either by someone from the church or a guest speaker.

Videos, presentations, music and games are also sometimes used depending on the topic and Communion is included in the service every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month.

Stewards are always around should you have any questions as well as a prayer team if you want to talk about anything else.

We look forward to seeing you.